Funding all over the world

Please consider donating to my campaign. I'm trying to lose 52 lbs in weight in 52 weeks for Macmillan Cancer Support.

I set up my fundraiser through a website called “Just Giving” because lots of people seem to use it and it allowed me to connect to my chosen charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Very recently, someone got in touch to tell me that they were unable to donate to my campaign. It turned out that they were trying to donate from the United States and that Just Giving – a UK based site – wouldn't accept overseas payments.

Damn. That's inconvenient.

As a freelance writer, I worked internationally. I would never have been able to make a living just writing for UK markets. Some days, days like today, I look at the weakness of the pound against the dollar and I wonder why I ever applied for a real job. The only conclusion I can possibly arrive at is that I am stupid.

Anyway. Although there are still some people who believe in nations and countries and DVD regions etc. I have always been able to work and network globally thanks to the power of the information superhighway. Do you remember when we called it that? What buffoons we were. The information super-landfill more like. The information super-red light district. The information super-dark alleyway. You get my drift.

Sorry, I'm having a very hard time sticking to the point today. The point is this. If you are not from the UK, you can now donate to my campaign to lose 52 lbs in 52 weeks for Macmillan Cancer Support too. It's easy. Instead of going to Just Giving, you can go to my PayPal link instead and I will deposit your donation in my Just Giving account ASAP. There's even a QR code. I'm told that some people use those. Here it is:

And because I am starting to amass links, I have created a page on Link Tree as well.

That's it. Short update this week. Next week I'll be a full three months into my challenge – a quarter of the way through – and I'll be updating with a post about all the physical changes that have happened in that time. Don't worry, it won't be weird.

Well, maybe a bit weird.